Equine chiropractic

Dr. Dominique travels to your barn to adjust your horse. Along with chiropractic adjustments, she uses other techniques such as muscle/fascia work, streching, saddle fit advices, proprioceptive taping etc. Chiropractic treatments are offered in Ontario ONLY. 


photo12Canine chiropractic

Dr. Dominique can also treat your  4-legged friend! She offers chiropractic treatments in Ontario ONLY.

Rider chiropractic

Any small physical imbalance or loss of motion of the rider will influence the horse and may even cause him pain. That’s why it is a good idea to have your spine checked by a chiropractor. Dr. Dominique can adjust you to ensure you are aligned with your horse so that you can perform at your best!

Treatments available in Ontario ONLY.



 Dr. Dominique is available to give clinics and courses on different subjects and of variable duration. If you would like to improve your knowledge on saddle fitting, stretches, ridden supplening exercises, biomechanics etc. Dr. Dominique can help you. Contact us to discuss available options!

What to expect during the first visit

ali haute défénition (2)Dr. Dominique usually asks you to fill out the forms before your animal’s first appointment.  You can download/print the forms below and bring them to your appointment. If you didn’t have time to fill them out, Dr. Dominique will begin the appointment by reviewing your horse’s information with you. After that, she will complete a case history on your animal’s health and previous injuries. Once she has all the information necessary to understand your horse’s concern, she will proceed with a physical exam including, static and dynamic palpation, posture analysis as well as gait analysis if needed. She will then treat your horse. Dr. Dominique knows how important your horse’s health is so she will finish the treatment by resuming her findings and giving you exercices and/or  stretches you can do at home.

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